Campaign Rules


All campaigns, competitions, and draws (hereafter "campaign") organised by Heresy Gaming Oy (hereafter "", "our", "us", "we", "organisation", "organiser", or"company") are subject to a certain set of rules. By participating in any of campaign you confirm you have read and accepted these general rules and the campaign specific rules listed below. The person/organisation subject to these rules is later referred to with the terms including, but not limited to, "you", "your", "they", and "participant". All times used are Finnish local time.

Each of the subheadings below corresponds to one of our campaigns. Participation in one campaign does not require the acceptance of rules of another campaign. Please find the corresponding campaign name below.


Photo = 5€ Discount

Entering the "Photo = 5€ Discount" -campaign grants us the right to use your photo on our communications, marketing, and store. Furthermore, the participant grants us the right to edit, modify and redistribute the photo.

To qualify for the prize, the user must post a photo or a video with an item bought from to Instagram or Twitter. Furthermore, the participant must tag us (@heresypro) and use the hashtag #heresypro in their entry post. retains the right to distribute the coupons only according to staff discretion. Low quality photos/videos or content rendering the organisation in bad light, portraying the item or the company unethically, or using the item in a manner not subject to good ethical standards are automatically reject.

The discount coupon will be distributed to qualifying participants by a direct message in the media in which the participant entered the contest. The discount coupon will be valid for 12 months and can be used on any order of 15€ or more. Participant must ensure they can receive messages from the organisation or the organisation's staff members.


Knife giveaways

General rules

In addition to these rules, all rules specified in the campaign publishing or any subsequent posts/communications referring to the campaign apply. You must also comply with the rules of the specific campaign listed below by date of publication. The date listed refers to the first publication of news regarding the campaign (this may be a third party service). Additionally, these general knife giveaway rules apply.

The participant must be 15 years or older. They must have a valid Steam account. The winner is informed via a Steam message. The participant must ensure they can receive communications from us. If the winner cannot be reached within seven (7) days, a new winner will be drawn OR the campaign will be renounced. The prize is transferred to the winner of the draw via Steam.

If not specified differently in the campaign specific rules, the user must enter the draw at least 15 minutes before the winner is drawn. The rules on what constitutes as a valid entry are specified in the publishing post and/or complemented by subsequent posts and/or the specific campaign rules found below.



Additional requirements to qualify

  • Valid Twitter account
  • Participant must have followed and must follow the user @heresypro in Twitter


Merchandise giveaways

These rules are applicable to only giveaways concerning merchandise that is also available publicly in the Store ( By participating in a merchandise giveaway they accept these rules.

In a merchandise giveaway a winner is drawn from a pool of participants to receive a good, product, service, or item from the Store selection. This product is defined in the giveaway announcement. 

The participant must be 15 years older on the date of entry. Additionally, the must be an EU citizen or have a permanent resident status in the EU. Their postal address to which the prize will be delivered must be within the EU. 

The winner is drawn on random or following a process described in the giveaway announcement.

The winner is announced as defined in the giveaway announcement. If this is not defined, the winner is announced in a) as a reply to the giveaway announcement, b) on the -website, or c) on our social media. It is also possible theh winner is not announced.

The winner will be contacted as defined in the giveaway announcement. If not defined in the giveaway announcement, the winner will be contacted by a) direct message via the platform in which the giveaway was announced, b) an email, c) as a reply to the participating post, comment, or such the winner made in participating to the giveaway, or d) by any other means that will with sufficient probability reach the winner.

The winner must provide adequage details for the delivery of the item within seven (7) days of contacting the winner. In the case they fail to do so, either a new winner will be drawn or the giveaway will be closed without a winner. 

The organiser will not take any responsibility for damage or delays occuring in the delivery of the product. The organiser will not replace or accept returns on faulty, damaged, or otherwise unwanted products. The organiser will pay for shipping fees related to the delivery of the product up to the upper limit of 15,00€. The organiser will ship the product in the best/most cost effective way to the organiser. If it is not possible to ship the item for 15,00€ or less, the winner can a) compensate for the difference in the cost of delivering the item as specified by the organiser, or b) forfeit the item.

The organiser cannot be held liable for any costs that may acrue on the winner in relation to the receipt or use of the product. The winner is responsible for delivering an accurate and correct address to the organiser.


Other giveaways

The rules of Knife giveaways and Merchandise giveaways apply in the most favourable way to the organiser unless otherwise specified.


Qualifying orders with this coupon are granted an R18 ticket to Arctic Invitational. Must be 18 to participate. Limited number of tickets available. Promotion ends on September 14 at 16:00 or when tickets run out. Ticket may be collected upon arrival to the arena or will be sent by email. Those who place a qualifying order will be contacted by email to confirm how the ticket is delivered. 

Using the code on checkout revokes the right of return.