Show off you belong to the academy by wearing the customisable Academy swag! Add your name or gamer tag to the product by using the customisation options on the product page. Please note these products are intended for approved and listed Academy players.

We do not accept returns on customisable Academy products!



How much does the product actually cost for me, an Academy player? After listing your email and getting it approved with the GM, you pay 10th of the price listed on site. For example, a product listed at 500€ costs you 50€.

Who are Customisable Academy products for? Academy products are intended for players but may be purchased by anyone.

Why are the products so expensive? To discourage non-academy players from purchasing the products.

I am an Academy player, can I get a discount? Yes. You are eligible for a 90% discount on all Academy products listed on this page. Use the discount code "AcademyPlayerDiscount" at checkout.

The discount code does not work, what should I do? You must have a registered store account. Send the GM a message with your registered email address and your store user will be made eligible for the discount.

How do I add my name to the prodct? You may add your player tag or name to the product by clicking the "Personalise Design" -button on the product page. You may view a mockup by changing to the Mockup view in the editor. Please note that changing the colour of your text is not supported with all products. Furthermore, please make sure the product looks good and that there are no errors or warnings on the design before making the order.

The finished product does not look good, can I return it? No.